Hook up car sub to home receiver, how to connect a subwoofer to a receiver or amplifier

How to hook up a car subwoofer to your computer or home theater system

  • Nothing you can do about that though.
  • Some amplifiers will have a switch to turn on the pre-amp connections.
  • Now all I need is the right type of speakers that I have debating for weeks.
  • Even they might be a bit overkill.
  • Hook up your equalizer to your receiver if it does not have preamp-out channels.
  1. If you must bolt the equalizer directly to the metal chassis, then you should use rubber pieces between the equalizer and the vehicle.
  2. Depress the button to turn on this connection.
  3. You would either need a receiver capable of driving four ohms or you would need to wire a pair of identical drivers in series to get eight ohms.
  4. Connect one pair of cables to the tape monitor output channels on the receiver and the other end of the cable to the left and right channel inputs on the equalizer.
  5. Items you will need computer power supply subwoofer in box speaker wire paperclip wire stripper screwdriver electrical tape scissors.
  6. The front left and right speakers each attach to separate sub-tube towers.
How to Hook Up a Subwoofer to a Home Stereo

Also, there were two unpowered subwoofers. Use this method to connect an equalizer to your car stereo in a remote location for additional space. Equalizers can be installed anywhere between your amp and receiver. Now stick one end in the main power connector's green wire hole and stick the other end into any black wire's hole.

Many prefer to install their equalizers in their trunk near the amp so that they have the option to easily add additional amps later. You can't listen to the speaker online. You simply connect your speaker outs from your amp to the speaker in of the sub, then connect the speaker outs of your subs to your speakers. Connect this wire to the blue wire on the receiver after routing it through the vehicle from where the equalizer is located. You can use a pre-out on the back of an integrated.

How to Connect a Subwoofer to a Receiver or Amplifier

What I do hear perfectionsts advocationating is the use of subwoofers in stereo configuration. Prostitutes were a worrisome presence to army leadership, and all those forecasts that are affected by the duration of the match. Decide where you would like to mount the equalizer. So the moment Gray, 21 things to its remote control works well enough.

How to Connect a Subwoofer to a Receiver or Amplifier

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Run a car sub off a home receiver

Older power supplies tend to fail a lot and ebay sellers don't always list the max current ratings so if you want to be sure, get a cheap, brand new power supply from newegg. You will need a sub amp for mains power, mensa match dating its not possible to use a power supply or battery for use all the time as there is just to much current draw. Another thing to help is to hide it behind something. Beginners and Audiophytes. Well all you have to do is trick it.

Car Subwoofers to Home stereo subwoofers

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Without hearing it myself I can't say. If you really really want the option to add discrete amps later, go for a receiver with pre-outs such as the V like robert-the-rambler suggested. Would I go from the reciever to the left and right channel respectively, and then take more speaker wire and run it from the left and right speaker to the subwoofer?

See the next step for those details. Car stereo belongs in cars It still works. Decide where you would like to install the equalizer. Be respectful, still keep it civil and stay on topic.

AfterDawn Discussion Forums. This is for your safety while you connect the wires to avoid getting shocked. Bring the cables to the equalizer and plug in. If you start messing with preamps and discrete components, you're going to be opening a can of worms. So true, the volume will not vary with the position of the volume control, home which is why he must use the sub's volume control and that may or may not be sufficient.

If you would like to have a custom install then it is best to leave the job to a professional audio installer. For more information read this post on how to set up a subwoofer. Subwoofers are omnidirectional, meaning that the subwoofer can project sound in all directions, unlike speakers that mostly project sound in the direction they are facing.

If the subwoofer features spring clips in order to use speaker wire, then you can use the speaker output of the receiver to hook it all up. Someone told me before that you can hook up car subs and amps to a home stereo using a car battery, a converter and a couple wires. If you're running two subs from one amp, hook each up separately. Subwoofer connection to a two-channel system differs from the methods used in home theaters. Keep in mind that rooms in the home, especially large ones, will not have the same cabin gain effect as a car.

Now, you say you have one lonely sub out on the receiver. You should now be able to manipulate the controls on the equalizer to change the frequency response or tone of your music. Some amplifiers might have tape monitor input rather than pre-amp input channels so you can also use these. Then sit back and enjoy some nice, indoor bass.

My other question is, is it worth it? Obviously, I need some type of amp that can be plugged into the wall. You'll want to do it exactly like it was in your car. Your music may very well just not sound good because it isn't good.

Oh yeah and I believe that the two receiver I might get my uncle has too. The point is moot anyway because now he says the receiver does have sub-out and the question and answers no longer have any relevance. Your kit will come with particular instructions for mounting. You aren't planning on running an actual cinema, are you?

How To Connect Amplifier To Receiver

There was nothing arrogant about it, you simply took it that way. If you're bridging two channels, make sure they're bridged the same way. So turn the amp's input sensitivity all the way to the least sensitive setting.

How do i hook up a car amp and sub to my home receiver
Configuring Your Receiver for a Passive Subwoofer
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