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  1. Like how with BeGone you need Unity.
  2. Tanks camp the same hill on airfield, people shoot out of the same windows.
  3. You can pay to level, can pay for your combat ribbons to unlock things, you can pay for individual upgrades.
  4. Perhaps in-game, it could do some damage over time.

It is ruined often by the Strategy aspect of it. Obviously this isn't one of those games where you can only pay for cosmetic enhancements, it's very unfairly aimed at high-paying players only. So the way I would have it is that, for instance, an Infantryman can squad up with his Tanker friend with no prior requirements. The way tanks fight each other also needs to be improved upon.

In real life, that would be instant-death for the vehicle. Oh yeah they have to make money somehow, well, how about cosmetic changes. People with less powerful computers than me may suffer for it. Obviously, the average player will not care about this.

Ignore the explosives and weapon mods. However it's rather false due to extreme Pay-to-win. Yes you can be right in your infantry boots and facing a Tank or be bombarded by a plane or hit by a sniper, mindless this is the risk of the war.

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This game is the absolute worst spin off of Call of Duty that I've ever seen. While they have taken steps to fix the issue, the fact that the player character physically teleports a foot or so when exiting a vehicle is also particularly frustrating. When I called them, at my expense to ask why, they laughed Stay away from this game. If you flip in a vehicle, it will bug out. Without enemy tanks shelling at them, your teammates can progress and cap the points, pushing enemies back.

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Even the dinky starter handguns like the German Model will instantly kill you if hit there. You get an upgrade, but still get a kill death ration. Cheaters run rampant in this game. You are better off spending your time and or money elsewhere. Even when the engine is running, the vehicle takes a few seconds to actually move once you press the go key.

This brings me to the incontinent rage I feel every time I look upon most of the German tanks in their default Dunkelgrau paint scheme. While teammates don't take damage from friendly bullet fire, explosives are a different story. By implementing some of the changes I suggested to tanks earlier, it would be harder to destroy them anyway. The Squad leader can now set the order Defend on the point. Even though the armour there is weakest.

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Welcome to Tokoharu Apartments Manga. Alot of times, this phenomenon has given the enemy the edge to kill me. They need to add better infantry damage against aircraft and even lightly armoured vehicles. There's minimum destructible environments- tanks can crush wooden and wire fences.

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This game is cool, I know. Servers crash regularly and if your units are in a battle when the servers go down there is no refund of the war funds you lost in the battle. You can fight with Infantry, tanks, and recon soldiers for this mode. There is, in many ways, a depth to the game seldom achieved by other first person shooters.

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On a slightly more positive note, there were some players complaining about hackers, instant kills or people seeing through walls. Overall I like it, it could be more realistic I think but that can wait for a while. Conclusion, at this point, all my friends and I have abandoned this game, they keep updating it, but every time it seems to be getting worse. By adding an Auxiliary Seat to a Squad, dating pure one Squad member can change to a soldier of another type during battle.

This game has a lot of potential if they will just deliver. The classes have a few restrictions, but for the most part they make a bit of sense. It was, shall I say, an experiment in style. But i used my time, still am i have played hours and am not far at all.

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Heroes and Generals is basically a game with subscription fee. You have probably heard about Heroes And Generals infamous optimization problems at this point. Heroes And Generals being broken goes beyond just simple gameplay mechanics, it also leaks over into the development team and the way they do business. Fun game, especially like the generals side.

The problems that would have the greatest impact if they were to go away. The devs are retards who dont listen to any problems and now all they want is focus on money making. There are a couple of issues that stem from the menus as well.

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So there are still things to spend your money on. If you successfully hold a base long enough you can turn it into a spawn point, but I do mean you have to hold it long enough. Very disturbing the amount of beer and booze consumed by them during the DevStream. Every equipment or vehicles are unique with advantages and disadvantages, available upgrades with different outputs. You die being sniped, run over, shot, or bombed before you even see an enemy.

After a game, all members of a squad remain in the same squad, and can continue playing together, dating before divorce is final as long as no one wants to leave the team. Follow my blog - no WordPress account required. How would I solve this problem? You regret the career change. There's practically no bullet drop of any kind - you point your gun and the shell lands exactly where you are looking at.

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But Red Orchestra does everything better. This solution is probably better than the one I had thought of, which was a sort of loadout system. One should not really be able to snipe so well with the machine-guns as you can now.

  • Well, for some people it appears that they are getting banned for giving the game a negative review.
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  • So that you really really want to unlock that jeep, that bike, that whatever vehicle that will prevent that god-forsaken running insanity.

As it stands now that threshold is too high. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. You may think I hate this game.

Either way, matchmaking imbalance continues to be an occasional problem. Several community suggested items have been added such as tiered matchmaking. This potential matchmaking imbalance obviously creates a huge problem, especially for new players.

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