Dating picture postcards, determining postcard age

Tips for determining when a U.S. postcard was published

This could go on for generations, and it is not uncommon to find the same photograph attributed to three different artists. The number indicates the last figure in the date and the letter indicates the decade. In the beginning, Teich apparently made no attempt to define when a card was printed. Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data.

Identifying the Age of Postcards

Most old photo papers used silver in their emulsions. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. By comparing identical mailed and unmailed cards, researchers have developed a pattern to determine when a particular style of card was produced. Bromide also started being added to American made silver chloride prints to increase speed but not on a consistent basis. The most common exception to this were cards shot through a stencil to provide a decorative white border.


But this might be an interesting way to ask the wife out on a date. Publisher's numbering scheme. But for any individual card there can be some doubt about its exact age. At this time, a dozen or more American printers began to focus on post card production.

How to Estimate the Age of a Postcard

Stamp boxes are the small rectangular boxes printed on the upper right hand side, safford dating where the stamp is to be affixed. He's a Ham Radio operator and the custom was to send a postcard after communicating with another Ham. Postal cards will have the Grant or Jefferson head stamp. Large quantities could also be produced in consistant color because they did not require toning.

Special coloring kits were eventually marketed aimed at the amateur. Other cards were sometimes printed matte but on a textured paper to look similar to salted photos. Yes - first I look for any date written by the sender of course. Most post cards produced in the United States were printed during this period.

Determining Postcard Age

On real photo post cards, codes in the stamp boxes can also be helpful in dating the card. Post Card History and Dating Methods. Sometimes cards were printed as souvenirs of special event, they still are of course, so that's another way of dating the manufacture. The message, therefore, had to be written on the front picture side of the card. At first manufacturers continued to leave space for a message with the picture, as in the card above, then later extended the image over the whole card.

The First Picture Postcards

Blessed by a SquidAngel, and congrats on LotD! Platinum toning created a brown look. More often than not the card was just left blank. Sometimes instead of using masks the emulsion solution would not be applied to areas where white tabs were desired leaving behind a rough brushstroke edge.

Other Methods of Fixing a Date Some of these methods can be fairly exact, others are only an indication. If the card has been lying around waiting to be sent, it may be a lot older than the stamp would indicate. They were so familiar to the public eye that albumen became synonymous with photography. Lucky you for having a pc from the s! This lens will help us date them!

Stamp Boxes for Real Photo Vintage Postcards

Nicely written and fully explained nicely done. To make a standard sized postcard from negatives that needed to be contact printed the image always had to be cropped. The address was on one side and a message could be written on the reverse. Publishers, such as Mike Roberts, Dexter Press, Curt Teich, and Plastichrome, dating st augustine began producing cards that had very beautiful chrome colors and were very appealing to collectors. No data is shared unless you engage with this feature.

Photochrome Era to present. Just one of those things I keep with me. We partner with Say Media to deliver ad campaigns on our sites. They only needed to be fixed to preserve the exposed image.

How to Estimate the Age of a Postcard

  • Research has already been done by earlier historians and guidelines have been put into place.
  • When no postmark is available, the type of materials used can often aid in narrowing down the years it may have been produced in.
  • Numbering was an essential way of keeping tract of large inventory.
  • Love the old graphics and it is always special if they have a message and address with a cancellation date on them.
  • Always wondered how old they were.

Old post cards are so fun. Sometimes the postmark is clear enough for the year to be readable. Three-dimensional post cards also appeared in this era.

PIONEER ERA (1893-1898)
  1. Many of the real photo post cards being done at the current time are reproductions of earlier historic photos.
  2. Guide to Real Photo Postcards.
  3. Hand Coloring - The real photo postcards that do exist in color were colored by hand.
  4. It's neat that you have postcards that are dated back so far.

It would be close to impossible for me to address the subject of changing fashion styles here. Photo post card paper is currently only available from foreign sources. The back of a post card can give several clues about the age of a card. Trade cards became popular with the enterprising merchants who distributed them from the s to the s.

This is really interesting and something I'd never thought about before - I'd never realised that postcards started off without pictures on them either. Although many postcards have white borders, even modern ones, people generally mean the cards published between and approximately. Many real photo postcards wound up being created from negatives originally shot to create large photographic prints. Very interesting history on postcards. As a result, we have to find our clues from the card itself.

Dating picture postcards
MetroPostcard Real Photo Postcard Guide
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